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Tag Archives: technological singularity

Video: Project Adam – Microsoft’s Deep Learning Machine

Video: Project Adam – Microsoft’s Deep Learning Machine Microsoft claims that it had build one of the most advance deep learning machine using 50% less computational processing power than its nearest competitor, which is most likely google. Watch the video here to learn more about our future computer overlords… ok just joking but skynet just […]

Near Future: Your car will talk to other cars (What does this mean?)

In the near future, all cars will be communicating with one another. This will make driving seamless, automatic, safer and more efficient for all. Read more here or for a quick demo, watch this quick video:     Tweet

Jason Silva: Radical Openess and the power of open technological collaboration

What is the potential of radical openess for technological growth and how will this shape our immediate and far future? Watch this highly entertaining video of Jason Silva in his unqiue, enthusiastic and inspiring soliloquy. Tweet

Why this is Innovation’s Golden Age

Why is this Innovation’s Golden Age? Hear more from one of the world’s currently most prolific inventor and innovator, Ray Kurzweill: Tweet

Some trends after the Technological Singularity

What happens after the technological singularity? Will there be a distinction between non-biological consciousness and silicone based artifical consciousness? Will we merge with our machines? Here Ray Kurzweill, one of the most prolific inventors of our time and one of the biggest proponent of the idea of a technological singularity shares about his idea: Tweet