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We are all the mirrors of our own relationships

When we are in a relationship, we also become the mirrors which enables insights into each other’s behaviours as well as our own. In an attempt to understand our partners, we compare what our partners have done against the mirror of our own personal experience. In the process of doing this, we also understand that […]

Book Recommendation: The Holographic Universe

The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot Many years ago, in early 2000, I came across this gem of a book. It was simply the most amazingly insightful book I have ever read and it changes the way I look at the world as a whole and Reality in particular. You can read more about this […]

Video: Interview with Michael Talbot, author of The Holographic Universe.

Many years ago, I stumbled upon one of the most amazingly insightful book I ever read; The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. The author, Michael Talbot shared the story of how neuroscientist Karl Pribam and Quantum Physicist David Bohm both stumbled upon this idea that reality is holographic in nature within their own field of […]

Letting life live through us…

“We are not really in control, we only perceive the illusion that we are in control. We are truly not living life, but Life is living through us”. In one of her famous quotes, the blind and deaf Helen Keller was quoted as saying that, ‘Life is an adventure or nothing else’. She continued on […]