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The Eternal Infinite Now

Tomorrow never comes. Its just the long infinite Now! Tweet

Living a Life fully Mindful of the Now

The problems with language and symbols of communication is that its in the past tense and it doesn’t reflect the ebb and flow, the progression of thoughts as it emerges in the mind and as it transits from one thought after another. By the time you want to write down your thoughts, you are merely […]

The Beautiful Struggle

Life is a beautiful struggle… and the best way to live life I feel is this: An illustration of my thoughts, reflections and realisations. Gathered from various thinkers such as Eckharte Tolle, Terrence McKenna, Friederich Nietzsche, Carlos Castaneda, Alan Watts, Parahanansa Yogananda, Jalaluddin Rumi, Lahiri Mahasaya, Jiddu Krishnamurthi and many more. Tweet