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A human body x-rayed while doing Yoga poses

Ever wondered how the human bones looks like inside of you when you are performing yoga poses? Well check out the pictures below and the video after: Watch the video below: Tweet

Our Relationship with our heart

What is the heart? If you ask a lay person, they will tell you that the heart keeps us alive by pumping blood throughout our whole body. If you talk to a doctor, he will be telling you more about how the heart does this through rhythmic contractions, what are the signs of a healthy […]

Gif: Amazing Dog Yoga haha

Dog shows owner how flexible she is haha: Tweet

Chris Kilham meets with 94 year old Yoga Teacher

Tao Porchon Lynn is a 94 year old Yoga teacher who had been practicing and teaching yoga for the last 70 years. When interviewed, her advise for everyone is “Don’t procrastinate. That’s one thing. If you want to do something, remember that one minute after midnight, it’s already today.” And just as important: be fearless. You can […]