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The Beauty of the Medicine



Long have I lived,

The Beauty unsurpassed

The flow of energy,

The teachings of the Mother

And that of Grandfather Trees

Such Beauty, leaving me spellbound and enthralled

The connections,

The hyper-real visions,

The Networked and Interconnectedness

of Everything

Real Unreal, What a mess,

Stories within Stories

Letting it all go…

What Happened Was… no explanation needed



Mother Eagle,

Father Jaguar,

Yellow Anaconda,

Teach Me, Hold me Close,

Your Alien Eyes, mercy unmerciful, unmercifully merciful

Twist and Twist, Turn and Turn,

Words does becomes things,

Energy flows where attention Goes.


Long have I lived,

Recent have I met you,

Can’t bear to be apart

The Medicine Embrace me…