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The dream that wasn’t

It was an afternoon to remember. Not that other afternoons are lesser or more in meaning. But that day the floodgates were open. Depending on who you asked, they would tell you that I had keyed into the ephemeral or the transcendent. For me reality had revealed itself and in unfolding the great mystery, I realised that the unfoldment is a great contraction ending in a singularity that bewilders my imagination.


Feeling slightly tired one sunday afternoon, I decided to engage in some sleep to rejuvenate myself. The trees were blowing outside and rain seems inevitable. A welcome respite from the heat. As I slumbered into sleep, I felt not as if someone who is falling asleep but instead of having just crossed a threshold into another plane of reality.

I had earlier in the day prayed for guidance from the Divine, the Superconscious Mind, the Collective Consciousness or whatever you wish to call it. And I now believe that what happened next was the great answer given.

I found myself on a street in a city block. And all the people around me were…me, in different clothes and attire (just like in a typical city you would see people in all manner of clothing especially as befits their occupation). I could see/sense that although they were me, they have no awareness that they were me. There was something in the way they walked and carried on with their life where they seem oblivious to this fundamental truth. And in that instant as I thought that, all the multiple me’s were changed. This time they were all me and they were wearing exactly what I was wearing (at that point in time). And this time they all looked at me and acknowledged the greater reality that they are me and I am them. Who’s to say that I am the progenitor, the source. I might be a manifestation as well.


What happened next had me shocked and surprised. In an instant, all the me’s collapsed and contracted into me. I had an intuitive understanding of what it all means.

‘We (you and I) are each and everything. There is only One. One Consciousness, One Awareness, One Soul….ONE. There is nothing else apart from You. I am you, and You are me and we are each and everyone else. We are also everything else. (at that instant, the city block collapsed and earth collapsed, the solar system and the milky way collapsed, the billions of galaxies collapsed all into me. I am everyone I see in my life and around me. I am also everything else, I am the tree, I am the ocean, I am the water droplet, I am the chair, I am the chicken I am about to eat, I am the soil beneath my own feet, I am the sky above me. I am Earth, I am the planets, I am the universe, I am the galaxy. I am All. And All is me. And for you dear reader, its the same, you are me and you are everyone around you and you are everything else (all of the above). And in reading what I am writing here, you are also reading something you wrote yourself because I am also you.’


This realisation descended upon my consciousness. And than they were showing me the futility of war and torture. I saw scenes of a soldier torturing an enemy combatant and the contraction happened again and this time there was only one being pulling a knife on himself and torturing himself. It was a macabre scene. Because he is essentially torturing himself although he did not realise it, with blood dripping on the floor. The spirits showed me the great insanity of a person who wages war on others not knowing that there is only One and he and the enemy combatant he is torturing is also One.

‘And when you compete with each other, when you wage war on each other, when you hate each other, you are only competing, fighting and hating yourself. Because Everything is You. We torture ourselves, we compete ourselves, we eat ourselves, we sadden and liberate ourselves. we are what we want to do to ourselves. Literally and in reality there is only One. ONE. And in that One-ness is tremendous wholeness of all there is’

The spirits than told me, you cannot compete with yourself, that is ridiculous. You are the expression of wholeness. You are already everything, So how can you be more or less than what you already are. Its impossible. You are whole, will remain whole for eternity. Any perception of un-wholeness is merely an illusion. There is literally nothing on this earth except what we create with our own illusion. The duality exist as we think and create thoughts that are based on ignorance. and as we think we create and we caused the expansion of the universe. And when you are in a relationship, you are also in a relationship with yourself. I nearly cried when I realised this, all our relationships are essentially relationships with ourselves. Think about the significance of that for a moment.

Icebergs Reflected in Juneau area lake

When we are nice to others we are nice to ourselves haha. There is really nothing to do. Seriously what is there to do? We create the world and we create the challenge and there is nothing to it. We create the world and the things that is needed for it to be what it needs to be. Its all our creation literally.

And the thing with enlightenment is that we realise that we are just ONE and in that there is a singularity that is at once nothing specific and at the same time encompassing everything. We are literally everything including time, including space. I was shown a spacecraft moving through space and the spirits were also telling me that when we travel in our spacecrafts or vehicles, we are simply travelling within ourselves.


But what is this One-ness, I asked the Spirit. If everything is Me and everything is One-ness, what is this One-ness? And then from afar, I saw a figure seated on a mat, meditating. I was seeing him from behind. I walked slowly to this figure. He was represented by a healthily lean man seated in a gold room with olive dark skin, bald headed. There was immense but gentle loving power radiating from him, while he is human shaped, looking at him I realised that he is human but he is also everything else that exist. And this is not his shape but a form that he chose to represent himself by. He had also created an abode that is made of golden light and golden walls. And in front of him is a vista of mountains surrounded by the blackness of space. How can a mountain stood amidst galaxies and stars. Definitely not normal reality.

‘And everything is just You. And The One-ness that is you and us all is simply the Great Consciousness projecting its imagination on the canvas, creating the world. All of you and me we are all One literally.  There is only One mind One perception.’ This Being radiates this understanding. And in standing here behind this figure, I have travelled up the ladder of creation and I immediately realised that this Being, seated on the meditation mat is also Me, but me and everything that exists.


And when I was a step away from this figure, he turned around and looked directly at me with eyes with dark pupil as deep as the entire space showing me universes I could not have imagined backgrounded by the purest of pearly whites. And they were my eyes! And they were also your eyes and the eyes of everything that exists. A burst of immeasurable, unfathomable Love radiated through those eyes and entered me and I found myself losing form and being smeared across the realities.

In that quantified state, I realise the futility of anything and everything, of having conversation with myself, of earning more then myself. You cannot take more or less of what is available in this world because everything is you and you generate as much as you need or want and you consume it and you consume yourself. you cannot take more than what you yourself are and you are everything.

For that moment, I was stretched across the universes… feeling myself being part of galaxies and universes. The story of Indra’s net comes to mind. I saw myself as Indra with Maya approaching me, asking me to play a game. I asked Maya what is the game. Maya said, divide yourself into a universe. and I did. and than Maya told me, now the game is for all your creation to realise that they are actually you. And the game will be played to its completion. And I realised that Maya is not even a seperate being but something I projected with my own mind. The irony of it.

Surprisingly, being Indra its not really lonely. And since we are all Him and we are Part of Him, He loves us the way he loves himself, quite literally. There are other minds like him too. Indra perhaps is also part of everything in a larger universe that he is created. A mystic once wrote that the universe is God getting to know himself. And with spiritual realisation, we will contract in the knowledge and collapsed back into Singularity. And that is the enlightenment. To realise that we are all there is and the magnificence of that One-ness.

And I didn’t want to come back. When you are smeared across the universe and having a direct experience of being everything, I would gladly do this for eternity. Alas its not within my control. I woke up not feeling as if I have even slept. Similar to the way I have fallen asleep, I simply felt as if I have just switched realities.

Now the question is how do I integrate all these? And by asking you, I am actually asking myself and in thinking about it, you are also being me thinking of a solution because whatever happened to me in essence happened to you as well. What is there left to do after such a profound realisation… where you realise that there is nothing else really to do because you are everything and everything is you…

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