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What is life and what is it made of


Life exists because of the existence of several factors which makes up life (which can also be otherwise referred to as reality). These factors are so intrinsic as building blocks of life that it almost seems impossible to speak of one without the other. Its akin to our ability to understand the concept of 3-dimensionality is based on the ability to understand the concept length, breath and height which defines the concept called space. First and foremost, Life exists because time exists. Without time, will life as we know it exists? The definition of life is an awareness that is based in time.


The second factor is awareness. The awareness that we possess that we live in time. That we live within the flow of time which is perceived by day and night which is a result of the movement of the earth around the sun. Without awareness, can there be life? All we can say is that without the existence of awareness, we won’t be aware of anything much less whether there is life. Without awareness, will we be alive? I say not for what is it to be alive without awareness. But I also believe that inherently everything in reality is awareness in itself and also aware of itself but that is an assumption that I could not prove at this stage.

The third factor is a secondary aspect and is a result of the interaction between awareness and time in the form of awareness that is based on time. An awareness that is based in time will create a narrative, a story of its own existence. An awareness denotes intelligence and as such, an awareness that is exists in time will deduce concepts for example such as the idea of causality (past, present and future). In other words it will start to create stories for itself. Stories can only exists because a story is steeped in a structure based in time consisting a past, present and future. Apart from chronicling what happened in a sequential format, a story also creates reasons and justifies its own assumptions and this will lead to subsequent actions.


In Conclusion, life is an interaction between awareness that exists in time. These are the two primal/primary requirement for life. The creation of a narrative/story is a secondary emergent result that exists as a byproduct of the interaction of awareness within time. It describes how as humans, our awareness of the passage of time creates experiences which we translate into narratives which helps us to reason and understand what happened.


Perhaps what is being described by the ideal state of equanimity spoken by spiritual people is an awareness of time without the compulsion to create a narrative that is also superimposed over ego. Ego is a very expectation laden concept where the will of the self chose to impose its own expectation over the outcome of life. But when it comes to the ego, perhaps it will be another topic to discuss on another day.

Much love to everyone.