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Don’t hang on to your belief


I went out to the mall just now and came across a store that sells facial care products. What was most interesting was that the name of the shop and the product itself is ‘Belif’.

“Belif: In the truth”

It humours me and in some case affected me that commercial facial product are aligning themselves with a message that encourages people to believe in the truth. I assume that they would want you to belif in their product if you believe in the truth.

It seems amusing than to come across the figurine that is hugging the bottle. From the religious person’s perspective, a believe is something to hold on to. From a mystic’s perspective, one should never hold on to anything. Everything is just a story and we are whatever we are. No one thing can express or define us. We are whole. And wholeness cannot be seperated into parts and be judge that one aspect of it is more important than the other. Wholeness is whole and one at the same time.

So dont hang on too tightly to your belief. Its just one aspect and is a form of seperation. You and all you perceive are wholeness. You do not need to hold on to anything because you are wholeness and there is nothing you need to hold on to at all. And all of you are as important as each part of you. Amen.

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